MMM Is Back Stronger And Now Called MMM Cooperation

MMM Cooperation

In pursuing the legacy of the founder of  popular pyramid scheme called MMM, Mr Sergey Mavrodi who died years back, the administrator of the scheme come back together to honour their leader by starting the operation of MMM COOPERATION on January 22nd, 2019.

In their monthly news update, MMMC admin stated that:
After 5 month thorough examination of old system in order to make his (Sergey Mavrodi) legacy worthwhile like sunrise in the morning, MMM Cooperation set the pace on the 22nd of January 2019 all over the world.
From negligence by many to fear of unknown by prospective participants at the beginning; we are where we are today being most populous platform all over the world with 6 Million participants all in space of 4 month.
MMM Cooperation

In the new operating system, MMMC now have 30% return and 50% return on any amount participant use to provide help(PH) on the system.

30% will be fronzen for 14 days. They can choose to get help(GH) on the 15th day with whatever it has grown to or leave it to complete 30day and then they get help(GH) the full 30% while.

50% will be frozen for 28days. they can choose to get help(GH)  it on the 28day with whatever percent it grown to or leave it for 30days to GH the full 50%.

MMM Cooperation official registration

Some key concept has been introduced for sustainability of the system which are:
  • Minimum amount participants can use to provide help on the platform is now N2,000 while Maximum amount is N2.5Million.
  • The introduction of 10% down payment which help in achieving prompt payment of 90% and reduction of fake PH (provide help) in the system. 
  • They started with automatic upgrade of guiders with requirements attached. And it has helped in having a strong foundation for the community. 
  •  Recently it introduced MMMC GUIDERS SCHOOL with intention to make their managers well groomed in the ideology of the community.

"Beloved participants, in 4 months of operation all over the world; we have record of 6 Million participants as members of this great community.

We have a lot of new ideas on the way in ways to achieve a sustainable system.

We assure you of our commitment to continual of our late founder's legacy. Let it be in know that you are in the right community as we are from Sergey Mavrodi and have all his blueprint intact.

Keep participating as we assure you to always be with you. WHATSAPP GROUP SUPPORT
We appreciate you for your support so far in our journey to where we are.

We are MMM Cooperation!
Together we change the world!" Stated MMM Administration.

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