A new gem Airdrop-Metawar has started distribution of its token to participants through a telegram bot. Reward: 10,000 Metawar Referral: 2,500 Metawar Winners: It is for all Distribution time: 24 hours How to Join MetaWar Airdrop Metawar is currently running a Telegram bot Airdrop distribution through this link: Pre-Sale: Time: Jan 2022 - Feb 09 Amount: 33,600,000,000 price: 0.000001 BNB Public Sales Round 1: Time: Feb 09 2022 - Mar. 11 2022 Amount: 33,600,000,000 Price: 0.000002 BNB MetaWar Token Contract Address Network : BSC( Smart Chain) Contract Address : 0x43a172c44dC55c2B45BF9436cF672850FC8bA046 Name : Metawar Symbol : Metawar Decimals : 18 Note: Airdrop   is being locked up till 10th June 2022, this means having received the Airdrop, you won't be able to transfer, trade, or swap it before 10 of June 2022. 10% would be unlocked per month starting from June 10. If you want to buy and sell MetaWar right now to your wallet, you

RyzEx: A free crypto cloud mining platform for Dogecoin, TRX, LTC and BNB

RyzEX Dashboard

RyzEX is an advanced technology company specializing in cryptocurrency cloud mining for DOGE, TRX, LTC and BNB, the website provides users with access to modern blockchain technologies and algorithms for mining cryptos in the shortest possible time.

RyzEx crypto cloud mining was founded by a team of 10 on January 12, 2021, from that moment started to expand and work to achieve a result of 5% profit per day.

RyzEx cloud mining aims to provide the private consumer with the world's most advanced mining equipment and services.

How to start mining on RyzEx Cloud Mining?

  • Register with this link and fill in the blank field, enter your email and create a password.
  • Go to the mining page to activate the mining for free by drawing the power pointer as you wish on your choice of crypto DOGE, TRX, LTC and BNB you can also distribute the power on all the cryptos at the same time to mine.

  • Click save power distribution to keep the mining operating
  • Minimum withdrawal funds for DOGE 16, TRX 48, LTC 0.0257 and BNB 0.0103
  • You can purchase minimum power mining of USD 0.25 to increase the power by opening the deposit tab in your account add funds.
  • You can increase power mining by referring users and receiving 12% + 3 GH/s for first-level referral and 2% for second-level.
  • You can withdraw once a day after you reach minimum thresh hold.

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