Bitcoin drop 5 percent in value along with other alt-coin 12 and 18 percent respectively this week

Google set to reverse ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising in U.S, Japan

U.S. Congressman: U.S. Must Support Blockchain Development, Introduces 3 Cryptocurrency Bills

Indian Banks Were Ban From Processing Cryptocurrency purchases

Stanford And Other Schools Expand Bitcoin Business Classes

Most Canadian Banks Restricts Buying of Cryptocurrency

Coinbase to Open Office in Chicago

Facebook Likely to Make Its Own Cryptocurrency, Media Report

Widespread Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Scams By Regulators

Argentinian Bank Adopt Bitcoin For International Payments And Drop SWIFT

EU approves The controversial Article 11 and Article 13 Of Copyright Directive

PSG ready to Lunch it own Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency's Users will reach 1 Billion People in the Next 5 Years: Brain Armstrong

Bitcoin Price Move Above $7,000, climbs as Much as 6% on Tuesday

Tom Lee: Bitcoin can still hit $25,000 by End of This Year

Bitcoin price failed third attempt to breakout above $6,650

Saudi Arabia Says Trading of Bitcoin is "Illegal in the Kingdom"

Bitcoin Drop Slightly Lower Monday

UBS: Bitcoin Price Needs to Hits $213,000 To Replace U.S Dollar

Football Players to be Payed in Cryptocurrency Starting From Next Season.


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