OZC Airdrop: How to claim free $10 to buy OZC Coins

What is OZC? OZC (Open Zone Consensus/Community) is a next-gen Blockchain platform using the O-DPoS (Open - Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm with the ability to process transactions up to more than one million per second at almost zero cost. OZC focuses on implementing Blockchain into practical applications that need to handle large transaction volumes, low cost, and optimize resources and energy to protect the environment. What are OZC Coin and Its usage? OZC Coin is OZC Smart Chain's native coin it can be used for: Payment of transaction fees payment for the creation and use of Smart Contracts on OZC Smart Chain Joining Staking programs and receiving interests Joining lending programs and receiving interests Voting for Master Node and receiving rewards Voting for new policies and strategies of the OZC Smart Chain  Information about the OZC ICO The total number of OZC coins issued is 200,000,000 OZC. The total number of OZC Coins available for sales is a maximum of 1

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