Whatsapp's new privacy policy backlash, led to mass migration of users to Telegram and Signal

Google, Apple and Amazon removed Parler from their App Store respectfully.

Roadmap to Blockchain Technology Adoption by Nigerian Government

Giftalworld a News Sharing Platform Where Members Earn By Reading News

Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over Jobs Of Employees

List of Operating System That WhatsApp Will Stop supporting From Dec. 31 2019

Twitter Plans To Develop An Open And Decentralized Social Media

Facebook Launch New Payment Service Called Facebook Pay

Cloudflare turns 8 years in operation, promised to launch new product

Facebook to change the name of Instagram and Whatsapp

Paytm: Application Launched For Small and Medium Business to Accept Digital Payments

WhatsApp Business App Now Availabel In Nigeria

WhatsApp Launch App for Small Businesses

Social: WhatsApp Bans Thousands of Accounts in Brazil Election

Facebook Launched Its Dating Service in Colombia

Watch Out for Dating Features on Facebook

Some of The Upcoming Features on Facebook Announced at its 2018 Developer Conference

WhatsApp: Group Calling Feature With Voice & Video Support Now Available

Facebook bans 3D-printed guns files

Facebook and Afrinolly Launches "Facebook For Creators" in Nigeria

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