Core Ignition Drop Claiming Guide


 The Core Ignition Drop, which started the rewards claim on June 10, 2024, allows Coretoshis (Core Community) to unlock incentives for their contributions and engagement in the Core Blockchain.

The Incentives claimed by the participating community are based on their activities up from the day they join the program until the snapshot is taken.

In this article, I will discuss how to participate in the Core Ignition Drop, its benefits, and more.

What is Core Ignition?

Core ignition is an incentive program developed by the Core Foundation to jumpstart the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on Core Blockchain, the program started on March 11th, 2024, and will continue for six months, providing ample time for users to participate and reap the benefits, rewarding the community for their contributions to the network. By participating, users can earn rewards while simultaneously helping to fuel the growth and adoption of the Core ecosystem.
The Core Ignition Program is for both ecosystem users and Web3 Developers.

Benefits of Participating in Core Ignition Drop

  • By participating in the Core Ignition Drop, users gain access to the thriving DeFi ecosystem on Core Chain and have the chance to be involved in exploring groundbreaking applications.
  • Core Ignition is designed to grant potential rewards and benefits to network participants based on their overall contribution to Core Ignition initiatives. Contributions include:
a. bridging of specific assets worth a minimum of  $100 USDT into Core Chain.
b. holding specific assets in Core Chain 
c. executing transactions interacting with smart contracts.
d. Referring friends to participate in Core Ignition.
e. participate in dApps within the Core Economy, including but not limited to DEXs, lending protocol, and perpetual futures. etc.

How to Start?

  1. Visit the official Core Ignition website to register.
  2. Select your country and choose a username for your Ignition dashboard. Twitter Connect is optional.
  3. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
  4. Connect your compatible Web3 Core wallet.
  5. Start engaging with the Core ecosystem to enhance your Core Ignition Balance and accumulate daily Sparks points.
Bridge Asset
Now that you have registered, engage in Core Ignition by bridging assets from other blockchains listed on the site and start accumulating points daily to maximize your total Sparks before the program ends.

Participate in dApps
See the listed dApps on the site and engage any of it for additional benefits.

Liquid Staking Token stCORE
Stake your Core on liquid staking by minting stCORE to enhance liquidity while earning staking rewards via Core's Satoshi Plus consensual mechanism, entitling you to consensus rewards. stCORE is both liquid and yield-bearing, enabling you to earn rewards while participating in dApps that offer additional benefits for using stCORE tokens. You also earn daily Sparks with stCORE.

Invite Friends 
By inviting friends, you receive 10% of the daily Sparks from first-degree invitees and 2% of the daily Sparks from second-degree invitees. However, you need to bridge $100 USDT worth of any qualified assets to Core Chain to generate your permanent invite link.

How to Claim Your Rewards?

Follow these steps to claim your rewards before the given time-lapse:
  • Visit the Core Ignition Dashboard: Log into your account on the official Core Ignition Drop website.
  • Review Your Sparks: Ensure you've been accumulating Sparks through daily activities and interactions within the Core ecosystem up until the snapshot is done.
  • Claim Your stCORE Rewards: Follow the on-screen instructions to claim your incentives.

How to Convert stCORE to Core

To convert stCore to Core takes a 7-day redemption waiting period.
Click here to access the page and connect your wallet.
Then click "Redeem Core" and wait for 7days

About CORE

Core is a Bitcoin-powered and EVM-compatible layer-one Blockchain responsible for bringing Bitcoin finance to life with the first-ever non-custodial BTC staking protocol and the world's first yield-bearing BTC ETP with Valour. Core is the most Bitcoin-aligned EVM blockchain with 50% of Bitcoin mining hash power contributing to the network's security and over 3.000 BTC natively staked in exchange for unlocking Bitcoin utility and rewards. This breakthrough has amassed a massive CORE adoption from many projects and companies.

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