Free Airdrop: Catly Token for Binance Users


Catly platform is the world's first token that supports buybacks during the presale. Binance users can claim 500 CATLY TOKENS for free with auto staking, and the claimed airdrops will be unstaked after listing and the daily stake rewards are allowed to be sold or staked again. 

There is information that Catly is likely to be listed on Binance Exchange so take the opportunity to mine Catly token now! Below are the steps to claim the airdrop:

Step 1: Register by clicking the "Sign Up" button using Gmail and create a Password. 

Click "CLAIM" at the top right corner and enter only your USDT (Bep-20) wallet address from Binance and tap submit. 

Step 2: Without delay, go to your Binance Spot account to check the USDT or check the email alert sent by Binance. 

Wait for the USDT to be sent to your Binance account, and check the USDT amount that was sent to your Binance account. 

Step 3: Go back to the Catly website, you will be asked to enter the amount of USDT that was sent to your Binance account. 

Enter the same amount of USDT you received on your Binance account e.g. 0.001336.

You are done, now you have received 500 Catly tokens in stake balance + 15 Catly daily as 3% staking rewards daily.

N.B: 500 CATLY given to you by the system will be staked automatically and it will be generating profit for you daily till the official launch. You can sell or stake the reward balance again.

Earn commission up to 10 levels of purchase by referring friends.

Catly Contract Address 

Total Supply: 100,000,000 CATLY 

Contract: 0x678c0EaC1042D0e5417B806db8126eB011af5767

Note: The amazing part of Catly is the buyback of the presale. the first project to do such.  This means if you buy the presale,  stake it, and receive rewards you can sell every day to usdt straight to your Binance wallet.

 DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.

This write-up is for information purposes only not investment advice, do your proper findings before investing.

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