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FoodNet Afrika Takes Distribution of Agricultural Produce to a Technological Advancement

Agriculture produce

FoodNet Afrika is a food items investment programme that aims to feed Africa continent through modern technology methods.

FoodNet Afrika was established in 2020 by vibrant Nigerian, Balogun Kehinde Oladoja popularly known as "Kendoja" the CEO of NextDoor Business Concept.

What FoodNet Afrika does is to go into agriculture on behalf of people with the little they can invest with and provide them with food items free for 12 months and the registered members can always renew their investment with the company. All it requires is to sign up to their website, select a package and get food abundance monthly.

During the launching of the project, the CEO reviled that FoodNet Afrika is not just starting but have been in existence since three years ago.

"We have been running this Agricultural produce distribution programme manually for three years now successfully until we decided to expand it to cater for a larger number of people to benefit from it through modern technology system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) says Balogun Kehinde."

Benefits on FoodNet Afrika

There are other benefits people can enjoy being a registered member of FoodNet Afrika apart from Food items, such as:

  1. Loan without collateral: Registered members would be able to apply for a loan base on the package plan you registered on. 
  2. Free Mini Health Care: Being a registered member of FoodNet Afrika, you are eligible to access free mini health treatment.
  3. Hire Purchase: Members would have access to buy a motorcycle, tricycle cars and payback in instalment.
  4. Land & Properties: Members can secure affordable land and properties with ease.
  5. Event Assistance/Planning: If a member is proposing any kind of event but lacks funds to execute it, FoodNet Afrika will settle all the expenses on behalf of the member with terms & conditions.
However, the CEO was asked how is the company going to sustain all these benefits without running into debt or fold up quickly? he answered

"FoodNet Afrika is into agriculture on a large land to provide food that can cover all registered members at a particular time, that is why we make the lifespan of the benefit 12 months.  Also, we have a backup from some institutions that will be giving support with a signed agreement such as in Health, financial sectors etc. So I assure you no cause for alarm said Balogun Kenhinde THE CEO."

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