Over Protocol Airdrop: Earn Daily Points on Over Wallet

 Over Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain network aiming to address storage and dependency issues that many blockchains, including Ethereum, face. Its key feature is providing lightweight and user-friendly full nodes, improving accessibility for individuals to operate on their personal computers (PC) at home.  Over Community Access Program (OCAP) offers opportunities for early ecosystem contributors to earn OVER and join in Over ecosystem with various quests before the mainnet launch.  Over Protocol Airdrop Claim Over Protocol Point daily Download Over Wallet Link  https://mobile.over.network/en/invite/KWGJQQD0T1 Invite Code: KWGJQQD0T1 Mission: Complete some tasks and earn more points than others. Rewards: Check your point records and rank on the leaderboard. Over Wallet Over Wallet is the first service in the Over Protocol ecosystem, the wallet will offer users the functionality to acquire and manage OVER points. It will be updated for token asset management and transaction features,  p

Crypto update today: Core Chain passes Security Audit, Binance FUD...

Many things going on in the crypto space from Binance FUD to Sam's Arrest etc.

• Binance FUD: US prosecutors consider charging Binance and executives for possible money laundering and sanctions violation, sources tell Reuters. CZ Binance CEO reacted on his Twitter handle by saying "Ignore FUD. Keep building".

• Sam Bankman- Fried Arrested: Former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas. the country's attorney general said on Monday, adding that The Bahamas has received formal notification from the United States of criminal charges against him. SBF was in charge of the centralized crypto exchange company FTX that recently collapse with investors' funds. 

The charges against SBF reportedly include wire and security fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and security fraud, and money laundering according to reports.

Core blockchain complete security audit: The CoreDao team building a decentralized blockchain "Core Chain" has announced the completion of the blockchain audit from the top three security companies in the crypto space namely Certik, Holborn Security, and Least Authority. 

Earlier the team promised the community of Mainnet launch after passing the security audit. Now all eyes are on Core Chain MainNet as soon as possible.

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