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ArcherSwap Exchange on Core Chain: How to Participate in IDO

Earn Crypto Reward by Trading on ArcherSwap! 

ArcherSwap the new crypto Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform built on Core Blockchain has announced its token "BOW" presale date to be on: 

• Whitelist Round: 13 March 2023, 1200 UTC - 14000 UTC (2 hours duration)

• Public Sales Round: 13 March 2023, 1500 UTC - 14 March 2023, 1500 UTC (24 hours duration).

No Minimum Contribution, the Maximum Contribution is $5,000 worth of WCORE.

 What is ArcherSwap? 

ArcherSwap is the first Decentralized Crypto Exchange built on the Core Blockchain from scratch with features including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.

ArcherSwap comes with the benefits of farming, trading also getting profit opportunities through NFT, GameFi, and also by Trade Mining with rewards of BOW.

What is BOW in ArcherSwap? 

BOW is a native token of ArcherSwap as well as a DEX's farm reward token. 

Total Supply: 18,921,600 BOW 

Network: Core Chain

Token Name: ArcherSwap Token 

Contract Address: 0x1a639e150d2210A4BE4a5F0857A9151B241E7AE4

Symbol: BOW

Decimals: 18

BOW is a deflationary token in which the supply will only go down over time through the ArcherSwap burning mechanism. 

What is Trade Mining on ArcherSwap? 

One of the interesting aspects of ArcherSwap is Trade Mining where you can swap any tokens on the DEX and will get BOW tokens as rewards for every trade.

378,432 BOW token is allocated for trade mining. Every time a user swaps on the ArcherSwap Router, their trade is recorded and rewarded BOW! The more you trade the more you can earn!

Trade mining works by allocating a BOW token to users for each transaction they make. 

The major benefit of Trade Mining is that it gives users the ability to offset their transaction fees by earning BOW tokens which can easily be traded into other crypto or stablecoins at the user's discretion. Furthermore, trading the BOW earned into other cryptos also helps the user Trade Mining more. 

How to participate in ArcherSwap Token Presale 

To Participate in the ArcherSwap Token presale, all you must do is purchase CORE tokens from CEX or have some CORE in your wallet before the Token Sale period. 

• Go to and prepare for the presale. 

 Whitelist Sale: This will be live for 4 hours before the public round start, therefore whitelist users shall commit their CORE tokens to buy BOW tokens. After the whitelist round ends, public round users can commit their CORE tokens to buy BOW tokens. (Please note that whitelist users can also participate in the public round presale.) 

To be able included in the whitelist, you need to join the ArcherSwap Discord and Crew3 and reach level 4 by taking on tasks to get whitelisted 

 Public Sale: While the sale is live, commit your CORE tokens to buy the BOW tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your CORE tokens.

 The sale will last for about 24 hours or until all the BOW tokens have been purchased. 

After the Sale: When the sale is complete, claim the BOW tokens you've bought.  BOW will be listed at ArcherSwap Exchange with a $0.25 listing price. Initial liquidity will be 200,000 BOW paired with $75,000 of CORE for starting liquidity of $150,000 according to its whitepaper.

About Core Chain 

Core Chain is a new layer 1 blockchain built on the Satoshi Plus Consensus Algorithm by an anonymous group of blockchain developers namely CoreDAO. 

CoreDAO's mission is to build the strongest and most inclusive community on the web 3.

 DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.
This write-up is for information purposes only not investment advice, do your proper findings before investing.

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