TapSwap a Crypto Project with Telegram Bot Tapping on Solana blockchain

TapSwap is a new Crypto exchange project that combines the key features of modern DeFi platforms and offers a multitude of new opportunities for its community. The goal of TapSwap is to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency, utilizing the advantages of the Solana blockchain. Key Features on TapSwap include: • Mining Bot: This is a telegram bot for mining and the TAPS token distribution. • Staking Rewards: The staking platform for receiving additional rewards. • Decentralized governance: TapSwap token holders have voting rights and can actively participate in the development of the platform. • Profit distribution: The profit distribution system allows token holders to receive a certain percentage of the operations on the platform. TAPS Token TAPS Token is the native token of the TapSwap ecosystem which has begun distributing the token to the community through a bot-tapping mechanism. Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 Telegram Bot Allocation- 150,000,000 TAPS

Pi Network Releases Version1 Roadmap

 The new announcement of the Pi Network Version 1 (V1) Roadmap on October 31, 2023, marks a critical second in the excursion of this creative blockchain network. The V1 Roadmap frames the headway made as well as offers a brief look into the impending turns of events, including the V2 Roadmap which indicates the future without introducing explicit dates for the Open Mainnet. This article plunges into the subtleties of both Roadmap versions and their importance.

Introduction to Pi Network V1 Roadmap Delivery

The Pi Network's V1 Roadmap fills in as a complete aide, revealing insight into the network's process through its different stages. This delivery holds significant significance, giving Pi Network fans an organized perspective on the past accomplishments and continuous undertakings while indicating the possibilities in the V2 Roadmap.

 What's Canvassed in Roadmap V1?

The V1 Roadmap basically isolates the achievements into two portions: verifiable achievements and in-progress drives. The verifiable achievements give a summed up outline of what Pi Network has accomplished as of not long ago. Then again, the in-progress achievements list the continuous drives and formative regions inside the network.

Pioneers and lovers are urged to dig into the Roadmap V1 to acquire a nuanced comprehension of each task's set of experiences and current direction.

Roadmap V2: Looking into What's to come

As the community draws in with Roadmap V1, their feedback becomes significant in shaping the substance and heading of Roadmap V2. This updated version will develop V1 by adding future achievements connected with every item and program. It means to give a thorough comprehension of Pi Network's systems during the Enclosed Mainnet, making way for the Open Network time frame.

Pi Network emphasizes the community's inclusion and input, particularly concerning the Open Mainnet. While the excitement and interest are shared and embraced, the network underscores the significance of remaining resolved to its one-of-a-kind vision and values.


The Pi Network's V1 Roadmap fills in as a fundamental aide for the two devotees and designers, offering bits of knowledge into the network's past, present, and future. The aggregate way ahead relies on the community's contribution and obligation to the qualities set by Pi Network.

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