TapSwap a Crypto Project with Telegram Bot Tapping on Solana blockchain

TapSwap is a new Crypto exchange project that combines the key features of modern DeFi platforms and offers a multitude of new opportunities for its community. The goal of TapSwap is to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency, utilizing the advantages of the Solana blockchain. Key Features on TapSwap include: • Mining Bot: This is a telegram bot for mining and the TAPS token distribution. • Staking Rewards: The staking platform for receiving additional rewards. • Decentralized governance: TapSwap token holders have voting rights and can actively participate in the development of the platform. • Profit distribution: The profit distribution system allows token holders to receive a certain percentage of the operations on the platform. TAPS Token TAPS Token is the native token of the TapSwap ecosystem which has begun distributing the token to the community through a bot-tapping mechanism. Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 Telegram Bot Allocation- 150,000,000 TAPS

ShadowSwap - Exchange Satoshi Core for USDT, BTC, ETH and More

shadowswap token

ShadowSwap the #1 DEX on CoreDAO Chain

ShadowSwap Finance is the first Decentralized crypto exchange to launch on Core Blockchain, it is based on automated market makers (AMM) which have become the standard and the most convenient way to exchange crypto tokens.

ShadowSwap is built on top of the solid foundations of the Core Network intending to create a trusted platform that enables users to exchange native Core tokens in a truly decentralized fashion with no intermediaries or single point of failure.

ShadowSwap functions similarly to Pancakeswap but in a more suitable and reliable operation by leveraging the Core Network Scalability, Security, Decentralization, and Lower transaction fee to bring the best product to the Core Ecosystem.

Some of the features you will enjoy on ShadowSwap include:

Affordability: Core transaction fees are much smaller than on other ecosystems like Ethereum, and the Binance Smart chain.

Anonymity: Users on ShadowSwap will be anonymous just as CoreDAO when interacting with the shadowSwap smart Contract because the system would not impose other requirements.

Security: The security of the Core Chain is paramount this is why the core is audited by the leading Cybersecurity firm 'Halborn' and the most experienced auditor in the industry 'Least Authority' and core critical parts will be open source on GitHub to be verified by anyone.

Participation: Anyone can participate in any of the ShadowSwap Ecosystem products.

Trust: Everything on Core Blockchain is transparent as you can track and verify transactions on the Blockchain Explorer.

How to buy, and exchange Satoshi Core for WETH, USDT, USDC, and more?

If you mined Satoshi Core and you are looking for where to exchange your core to other coins like BTC, USDT, Wrap Ethereum, Dai, USDC, etc or you are looking for where to buy Core just follow the step shown below:
  • Open your MetaMask wallet
  • Add Core Chain Network to your MetaMask 
  • Go to the DApp browser
  • Enter Shadowswap.xyz into the search bar
  • Connect your wallet
  • Then start exchanging
  • See the video guide below for easy understanding.

What is a Decentralized Exchange? 

Decentralized Exchange is a hot topic in the world of cryptocurrency trading. With its promise of increased security, privacy, and control. It's no wonder that more and more traders are turning to DEXs like Shadowswap as their preferred method of trading.

So, what exactly is a Decentralized Exchange? Putting it simply, a DEX is a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for a central authority or intermediary. This means that trades are conducted directly between sellers and buyers with no middleman involved.

About Core Blockchain

The core is a new layer 1 blockchain built on the Satoshi Plus Consensus Algorithm consisting of a combination of Bitcoin's security and Ethereum's scalability by an anonymous group of blockchain developers named CoreDAO. 
The CoreDAO's mission is to build the strongest and most inclusive community on the web 3.

Note: ShadowSwap does not have control over all coins listed on the dex, users should do their diligence while trading third-party coins. DYOR

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