CoreDao team launches new Satoshi App for crypto Airdrops

The CoreDao team has launched the Satoshi app brand new version that aims to be the world's top free Airdrop platform and started with three test projects for all users to experience and try out before the launch of the official projects. This unique Satoshi App gives users access to participate in free token airdropping by different quality projects built on Core Chain. Launching crypto projects on the Satoshi App also gives automatic mass adoption to developers' projects by connecting high-quality projects with the mass amount of crypto lovers already on the chain. How to participate in Satoshi App Airdrops  • Download the Satoshi App and register/ login  • Choose whichever projects you are interested in to participate in airdropping  • You can choose a maximum of 8 projects at a time. • System will run each round of airdropping for an hour, participant can claim an airdrop reward at any time. • The token amount that each participant can claim is up to the parti

Bitcoin Future (BTCF) is set to list on exchanges on March 14

Bitcoin Future announced that it is going to list its token on centralized and decentralized exchanges at 11:30 am on March 14, 2023. 

In the past years,  BitcoinF has been used within the community to exchange 100% of goods and services and it has gradually become known to many people. At this time, the BITCOINF community has reached nearly 700,000 Members worldwide and spread over 180 countries.

According to the platform, going forward in 2023, BITCOIN Future will focus on building value and making it highly useful.  BITCOIN FUTURE gradually becomes familiar and convenient. It will help the community share all resources and redundant resources with each other. This BitcoinF will create value for the entire community and the whole society.

"Bitcoin FUTURE is only valid when it has to be exchanged strongly, so it is necessary to join hands with the entire community around the world."

BITCOIN FUTURE is now developing 2 different types of tokens:

• BITCOIN FUTURE (BITCOINF) issued on Blockchain BITGERT with a very large total supply. Its mission is to create a large community through the free gift of BITCOINF Airdrop and create a strong exchange of everything in the merchant's community and consumer community but BITCOINF will be listed at the end of 2024 according to its whitepaper.

• BITCOIN FUTURE (BTCF) issued on Binance Blockchain with a very limited initial circulation of only 1,000,000 BTCF. There is no airdrop for this BTCF at all, but you can buy it now or buy it on the exchange later after listed. BTCF is also used to exchange goods and services 100% like BITCOINF but very rare, so BTCF will carry a mission like BITCOIN to become a store asset of value.

About Bitcoin Future 

Bitcoin Future is a crypto product of technology developed on the Bitgert Blockchain. Used as an intermediary in the exchange of goods and services.

Bitcoin Future is born with a vision to become global crypto that can be applied widely in day-to-day activities and become the most-held crypto globally.

Join BITCOIN FUTURE (BITCOINF) AIRDROP and receive 20,000,000 BTCF instantly. 

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