Over Protocol Airdrop: Earn Daily Points on Over Wallet

 Over Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain network aiming to address storage and dependency issues that many blockchains, including Ethereum, face. Its key feature is providing lightweight and user-friendly full nodes, improving accessibility for individuals to operate on their personal computers (PC) at home.  Over Community Access Program (OCAP) offers opportunities for early ecosystem contributors to earn OVER and join in Over ecosystem with various quests before the mainnet launch.  Over Protocol Airdrop Claim Over Protocol Point daily Download Over Wallet Link  https://mobile.over.network/en/invite/KWGJQQD0T1 Invite Code: KWGJQQD0T1 Mission: Complete some tasks and earn more points than others. Rewards: Check your point records and rank on the leaderboard. Over Wallet Over Wallet is the first service in the Over Protocol ecosystem, the wallet will offer users the functionality to acquire and manage OVER points. It will be updated for token asset management and transaction features,  p

New Instant Airdrop: Bitcoin Future (BITCOINF)

How to receive BITCOINF airdrop?

  • Reward: Register on BITCOINF and Get 20,000,000 BITCOINF 
  • Winner: All registered members 
  • Referral: 20,000,000 per referral
  • Withdrawal: Within 48 hours 


  • Network: BITGERT
  • Contract: 0x9Ba88b1edCBd8f24aa3fa0c7472e07903f6d0098
  • Symbol: BITCOINF
  • Decimals: 2

How to add BITGERT Blockchain Network on MetaMask?

1. Go to the menu bar on MetaMask and scroll down to settings.
2. Click on Network and add the RPC details
3. Network name: BITGERT
4. RPC URL 1: https://serverrpc.com
     RPC URL 2: https://chainrpc.com
5. ChainID: 32520
6. Symbol: BRISE
7. Block Explorer: https://brisescan.com

How to withdraw BITCOIN FUTURE (BITCOINF) to MetaMask 

To withdraw BITCONF to MetaMask, login to the BITCOINF website to fill in your profile details:
  • Click menu bar
  • Insert your full name
  • Insert your phone number
  • Select your country 
  • Add your MetaMask wallet address
  • Click save
  • Then click withdraw 


BITCOIN FUTURE (BITCOINF) is a crypto product of technology developed on the Bitgert Blockchain. Used as an intermediary in the exchange of goods and services.

BITCOIN FUTURE (BITCOINF) is born with a vision to become global crypto that can be applied widely in day-to-day activities and become the most-held crypto globally. Building an e-commerce system that accepts BITCOINF for enterprises and individuals to exchange products, and services by BITCOINF and the acceptance rate is from 10% - 100% BITCOINF.

It can be stored in all the most popular wallets used globally such as Bride wallet, MetaMask, Antex, Token pocket or all wallets that can allow a new Blockchain network to be added to the wallet.

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