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PVC: How, When and Where To Register?

Enat Digitalbiz @PVC

In preparation for the 2019 general election in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the deadline to register for PVC to be August 31, 2018.

It has been said that between April 2017 when the Continuous Voter Registration Exercise began and August 2018, over 12 million persons had registered.

INEC said even after the registration of fresh voters stopped, it would continue to distribute PVCs until February 2019.

To get a PVC, here are some likely question answered by INEC:

1. Where can I register?

You will be able to register at the 774 Local Government Area (LGA) offices of INEC or at such location within the LGA as may be designated by the Commission. Click the link to view the address of INEC LGA offices.

2. Who can register during CVR?

A Nigerian citizen that has attained the age of 18 years since the last CVR exercise and who not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any law, rule or regulations in Nigeria.
A citizen who registered before but whose names or details are not in the register of voters.

3. What is CVR?

CVR means Continuous Voter Registration. It is a continuous exercise that enables qualified Nigerian citizens to register to vote in elections.

4. When and at what time can I register?

The registration is ongoing and starts from 9.00am to 5.00pm each day, including weekends. The CVR exercise will end on 31st August 2018.

5. Do I need to re-register if I have changed residence?

No, you do not. You should apply for the transfer of your registration from your previous location to your current location at the registration Centre closest to you or visit the INEC LGA office in place of the resident to apply for the transfer of your registration. Please visit the INEC website for details on the transfer procedure.

6. Do I need to re-register if my name, age, or any other information on my current PVC is not correct or has changed?

No, you do not. you should apply to the INEC LG office or designated registration center where you registered to correct any mistake on your PVC. The faulty PVC will be withdrawn, and a new PVC will be issued to you.

7. Do I need to re-register if my card is lost or damaged?

No, you do not... You should apply to INEC for the replacement of your lost/damaged PVC.
Please visit the INEC website to view the procedure.

8. How to check the current status of my Registration or if my name/details are in the Register of Voters?

9. What will happen after I register?

You will be issued a Temporary Voter Card (TVC) and asked to return on an appointed date as announced by the Commission to confirm your details during Claims and Objections, where information(s) of all registered voters will be displayed at the registration center/INEC LGA Offices. You are advised to check your details to correct any error before the production of your Permanent Voter Card (PVC). The Commission will later announce the date for the collection of your PVC.

10. How do I contact the Commission?

If  you need any further help, visit the INEC office in your LGA or call the INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) on 0700-2255-4632.


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