Atlantis Exchange Airdrops $1 Billion of Advanced Bitcoin for Global Signups and Referrals

Atlantis Exchange announced that its official platform to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrencies has started the airdrop of $1 billion of Advanced Bitcoin, to both individuals and corporate entities ("person") for their Signups and Referrals on its platform. Here is the latest market price for Advanced Bitcoin at Poocoin   According to Atlantis Exchange, any individual and/or corporate entity is entitled to receive the airdropped Advanced Bitcoin immediately after a Signup is completed and an account is verified through the user-registered email  Please be advised: 1) One account/person ONLY. Any attempt to establish multiple accounts will automatically DISQUALIFY you from receiving any of the Atlantis-airdropped cryptocurrencies. 2) After your Signup is done, please double check if you have received your Signup Bonus of 5 aBTC in your Atlantis Wallet and then get familiar with all the UNIQUE functions of Atlantis Exchange that other exchanges may possibly don't

Blockchain company is giving Away cryptocurrency worth $125 million

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith.

A bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain is giving away $125m -worth of cryptocurrency in the biggest ever crypto "airdrop."

Peter Smith the CEO of Blockchain announced at Web Summit in Lisbon on Tuesday that his company will give away $125-worth of Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens to his company's nearly 30 million customers.

The blockchain is one of the biggest cryptocurrency digital wallets providers for retail investors around the world. Customers who verify their wallets with Blockchain will be eligible for the giveaway, which starts today and will last for six months.

See how to create a blockchain wallet to be eligible for the giveaway.

Blockchain's Stellar Lumens giveaway is an example of a so-called 'airdrop." This is where cryptocurrencies are distributed to online wallets for free as part of efforts to drum up support for the project. They have gained popularity over the last 18 months as the number of cryptocurrencies in existence has exploded to over 2,000.

According to the report, the cryptocurrency is being provided by the Steller Development Foundation, the non-profit that created and promotes the currency. Stellar Lumens is the brainchild of Jeb McCaleb. one of the co-founders of cryptocurrency XRP and early bitcoin exchange MtGox. He created Stellar Lumens in 2014 as a crypto-powered platform designed to make cross-currency and cross-border money transfers easier and cheaper.

The aim of the Stellar Lumens giveaway is to "dramatically speed up" adoption of the Stellar Lumens platform, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith told Yahoo Finance UK.

McCaleb said in a statement.
We believe that airdrops are central to creating a more inclusive digital economy. Giving away lumens [XLM] for free is an invitation to communities to design the services they need."
Stellar Lumens is already one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, with a market value of close to $5bn and a daily turnover of around $50m. As of Monday evening, Stellar Lumens were trading for about $0.19.

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