Breaking: Pinkoin ATM Arrived Nigeria

The world first PINKOIN ATM has been unveiled in Nigeria by INKSNATION a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

PINKOIN is the first cryptocurrency token backed by a proof of love algorithm built on blockchain technology with its ledger called INKSLEDGER invented by a brilliant young Nigerian Amos Omotade-Sparks Sewanu the CEO of IBsmartify company in Nigeria.

According to the CEO of Inksnation, the ATM would be launched soonest in Lagos Nigeria while breaking the news to the registered member of the project on inksnation official telegram group.
God is always faithful this just came in still gots work to be done on it. The world's first Pinkoin ATM will be launched soonest in Lagos Nigeria. we ain't here to play says Amos Omotade-Sparks Sewanu CEO
 The card to be used on the PINKOIN ATM called PINKARD is the first cryptocurrency debit card invented by African which is ready to compete with the likes of Master Card, Visa Card e.t.c and has been distributed to over 900,000 registered members and still counting on the platform which also served as inksnation member's identity card.


Registration is still going on the platform, to join the project Sign up and contact Ambassador via WhatsApp for account activation  

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  1. May Gods bring it to pass in Jesus mighty name Amen

  2. Good things will never seize to happen in Nigeria any longer in Jesus Name. Amen

  3. God is so good to us
    Inksnation is a success already

  4. So nice to see the news. But how will the machine be loaded with cash. Is it a bank that will be loading money?? And do you think the cash will be enough for withdrawal for all members

  5. Many more great things to come

  6. This is great and unexpected from us Nigerians, i know the Lord God has indeed sent you to Africa and to the world at large,I'll urge my fellow Nigerians to embrace this opportunity and support the brain behind this project by registering all our family member and friends.
    Inks sinks inksnation.
    Our one United global family.

  7. Am Happy for this God Bless you omotade

  8. Are you guys sure, this is not scam
    Is it real?

  9. I hope and willing that it shall materialised this May the exchangers and the Marchant work Keck up for full functionality then I will show those calling me scam prophets of Inksnation pepper

  10. I give glory to the almighty God first . God will continue to prosper the CEO that has been the brain behind this business in Nigeria no power shall stop you IJN

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