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Brief Analysis on InksLedger Blockchain Technology How Government, Central Banks and Commercial Banks Can Benefit- Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu

  • Humanity, Asset And Tokenization 
  • InksLedger Blockchain Technology, The Inkrestation Financial System
  • How Government And Banks Can Benefit from InksLedger Blockchain Technology
InksLedger Blockchain Technology by Inksnation DAO 

The CEO of INKSNATION DAO FOUNDATION, Amos Omotade-Sparks Sewanu has given a brief analysis on how the company's blockchain works and how it can benefit any government from any country and central banks or commercial banks by integrating to their Blockchain Ledger called InksLedger.

In his briefing titled Humanity Assets and Tokenization on their national telegram group, Amos Omotade-Sparks made it known that the most valuable asset on earth is humanity which the world has neglected.

Humanity is the most valuable asset on Earth, inevitable and we give every other thing value including money, houses, cars but we forget to give ourselves value says  the CEO

 He continues by defining an asset as anything that has value or gives value.

What is an asset, an asset is anything that has value or gives value but in accounting anything that brings in cash why liabilities are anything that takes away money from you. In this definition unveils the reason why human being are not values because e.g the more children you have the more liabilities you have, he said.

What is Tokenization?

According to Amos Omotade-Sparks, tokenization is the act of taking anything of value or any asset and representing its worth in a digital form. Examples of tokenized assets are Gold, Watch, House, Land, Paintings and so much more but no one has ever thought of Tokenizing Humanity. 

Why is human Asset Tokenization needed?

Humanity values only things that bring in money she has created the reason because if we must survive the next 20 years we need a system that values human life very well. humanity has tokenized gold traditionally in the Gold Standard by representing the Gold with paper money where the Gold is more important than the paper but humanity forgot that Gold is valuable but it's not inevitable and the only inevitable asset on Earth is Humanity.

The entire human race can do without Gold but the entire human race cannot do without humanity unless you want to live in total isolation. That makes the human race the most valuable asset on Earth.

How is Tokenization done digitally?

Ordinary Art paintings have been tokenized e.g if one single Art painting is said to be worth $20 million 

1. Who gave it that value?

Answer: Human Beings

2. Who will purchase it?

Answer: Human Beings

So the big question is what is the worth of a human being or a human life?

The Art of Gold that worth $20 million is tokenized by creating a digital representing of that $20 million 

E.g for Art we can call it PaintX and the currency is PTX

So we can create 20 million coins of PTX where 1 coin is= $1 share. or we can create 200,000 coins where each coin is worth $100.

This helps for divisibility and people can buy a few parts of the Art paintings which not divisible, so if such a painting that was drawn by a human, valued by humans and also bought by humans can have such value what is the value of the valuer (human being) the CEO asked.

In the blockchain, gold has been tokenized, Art has been tokenized even basketballer has tokenized his contract before. So anything that can be counted can be put on the blockchain also anything of value, anything of worth can be Tokenized.

Human Asset Tokenized

Omotade-Sparks Amos emphasized that in InksNation DAO they value the lives of human beings by putting humanity first, they have been able to restructure the system in a way that government will value people's lives. The loss of the soul will affect the reserve of any nation.

He claimed  that every single person on their InksLedger Blockchain is worth an average of $800,000

Just know that every single person on our Blockchain is worth an average of $800,000. Remember in the Art Tokenization you created a new currency called PTX same here blockchain gives us the grace to tokenize anything of value. 

The most important fear of Tokenization is if I tell you that this gold is worth $20 million

1. will you accept?

2. will you buy portions like shares in that tokens? he asked

But is there any human being after suffering all he has suffered and he is told that he is worth $800,000 and that from today onwards you will be paid $400 monthly for life from that is worth as Universal Basic Income then if you are working in the Government you get higher percentage e.g $2000 monthly, your housing will be deducted, car allowance from that $800,00 etc? Is there anyone that will refuse such an offer? he asked.

So do you accept that you can be worth $800,000, do you accept that blockchain can represent that worth for you, do you also accept that you can collectively exchange your worth from user2user e.g when I receive my UBI and send it to you to buy food we are exchanging part of our worth with each other?

Our job is to create the platform that can help you put that worth that we see in you on the blockchain and represent it digitally but not only for you unlike the Art put on the blockchain or Tokenized we need millions upon billions of people to say

1. Since InksLedger Blockchain sees me as someone that is worth $800,000, I, therefore, accept to Tokenize that worth on the InksLedger Blockchain in order to change the status quo and unveil The HAT Age.

How Government and Commercial Banks Can Benefit

If a child is born today he or she starts receiving her own monthly payments, monthly, it will take that child 2000 months or 166 years to exhaust the funds same with every other child.

Most people die at 70 years so an average person will still have more than 80 years that he won't be able to use, this part is now for amenities also the fact that it is split into many months makes it possible to use now and return later.

The beautiful part is that the overall reserve of e.g 1million persons who have already joined i.e 1m x  $800,000= $800 Billion can be stored in Nodes run by the central bank accounts for your usage.

But the central bank gets access to use a maximum of 1.8% of those funds for other things and because it's in circles those who work will have more access to more out of their $800,000 than others.

InksLedger Blockchain permits Central Banks to become Universal InksNodes or Federated InksNode Bearers while Commercial Banks can become Private InksNode Bearers acting as intermediaries.

For us, blockchain didn't come to end banking it actually came to upgrade it and change the system.

Only 14 Central Banks or Countries can become part of the Universal Reserve InksNodes of InksLedger Blockchain but we can have uncountable private & federated InksNode

The HoOS (House of Omotade-Sparks) already runs her own Universal Reserve InksNodes waiting for the first Central Bank to birth this system.

We are happy that Switzerland & Malta will be the first set of Commercial Bank Private InksNode he said. Days earlier the CEO announced that the company has already acquired a fintech company in Switzerland.

The 5 Private Reserve InksNode is the individual private InksNode Bearers we already have.

Now, do you value yourself well enough the way we value everyone to the extent of representing yourself as a LivingNode on the InksLedger Blockchain? asked Amos Omotade-Sparks Sewanu the CEO of Inksnation DAO Foundation.

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