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Crypto: Zugacoin sealed a business deal with Innoson motors to enhance uses of Cryptocurrency in Africa

 Table of contents

  • What is Zugacoin
  • Zugacoin sealed a business deal with Innosan motors
  • Zugacoin's lunched Projects

What is Zugacoin

Zugacoin is a Nigerian cryptocurrency founded in 2020 by Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga, the coin is an ERC-20 token, a secured decentralized platform and based on blockchain technology.

Zugacoin is a scarce digital global currency of exchange or virtual money that can be used to pay for goods and services online and offline, also as a store of value for investment (buy & hold) which appreciates over time.

Zugacoin sealed a business deal with Innoson motors

However, in pursue of the project's road map, the CEO of Zugacoin Archbishop Sam Zuga sealed a business partnership deed with Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma the CEO of Innoson vehicle manufacturing company in other to make Zugacoin be used for purchasing any type of vehicle, motorcycles, plastics and all the products under Innoson companies anywhere in the world.

It was also revealed that other merchants are preparing to become part of Zugacoin's growing chains of businesses.

Zugacoin's Launched Projects

According to the Zugacoin website, the coin is the first cryptocurrency in the world that owns physical offices across 15 African countries and 32 states in Nigeria making it have a strong structure on the ground for the success of the project.
The CEO earlier in February commission 5 digital platforms that will redefine Africa's financial direction and kick start the wave of the financial revolution in Africa.

  1. Africancoinmarketcap: This is an advanced coinmarketcap for Africa and from Africa to replace the leading tracker across the Africa region. According to the Zugacoin CEO, the platform is built on cloud speed technology with the ability to provide an instant update for all registered cryptocurrencies in mili-seconds.

  1. Samzuga.Exchange: This is the official P2P exchange platform for Zugacoin cryptocurrency. Trading Zugacoin against Naira and other African Fiat currencies to be updated later according to Archbishop Sam Zuga.
  1. & 4. Smart Contract Investment Portal/MLM Platform
Samzuga. money 
5. Samzuga Wallet
Archbishop Sam Zuga on his Facebook page assured that many more projects are still coming such as:
  1. Samzuga Smart Cities: A smart city powered by solar energy that will house millions of members of the Samzuga Foundation Multiple Purpose Cooperative Society LTD. Across the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria As stated in the White Paper, Zugacoin will be the only means of transaction in this city that will contain 5 Star Hotels, Mall, Stadium, recreation centres, theme parks, restaurants, Schools, Modern market, airport, heliport, industrial area, hospitals,  and most importantly residential areas. Etc.
  1. DApps: An open-source platform that will allow programmers across the globe to create innovative and creative smart contacts for Zugacoin, which will then create employment and revive the crippled economy of Africa.
  1. POS & ATMs: Building and mounting ATM's and POS machines in strategic locations around the Africa Continent. Merchants and vendors will be given access to do a transaction using Zugacoin. These machines will use the payment gateway (
  1. Private and Government establishment payment system: They are also installing the payment gateway into the payment platforms of hospitals, schools, markets, superstores, and other government parastatals. Which in turn make Zugacoin an official payment currency across government and individuals' establishments as the case may be.
Seeing all these impressive projects from Zugacoin, one will say Africa is not taking a back seat in a technology that is coming to take over the future.

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    1. Download the "Samzuga wallet" app on google play store and let me know


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