Flaring Sword: New crypto airdrop with free BNB Claim now


How to Claim Airdrops on Trust Wallet

New Token with free BNB bonus again!

Name is Flaring Sword

πŸ’« Claim 200,000,000 FLARING SWORD Airdrop Claim on ur TRUST WALLET then receives 0.01 BNB bonus unlimited as you link up a new member

Copy Airdrop link to your Trust Wallet


 Then Claim your 200million Airdrop & also be receiving an unlimited bonus of free 0.01 BNB from your link.

How to Add name Manually

πŸ’« Contract Address :-


πŸ’« Name:- Flaring Sword

πŸ’« Symbol:- SWORD

πŸ’« Decimal:- 18

Let nothing be ur excuses for missing this airdrop, do it now✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

Earn 30% BNB and 70% BNB Sword Token reward for every referral in airdrop and presale


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