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Twitter rolls out Bitcoin Tipping function for iOS users, Android users in coming weeks


 Twitter one of the giant social media platform has officially rolled out its Tipping function worldwide with a bitcoin integration included via the Lightning network.

Earlier this month, there was a rumour that Twitter would be launching the feature when leaked IOS screenshots by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi showing beta build plans circulated. In an explanation of his findings, he said the integration would use the Lightning focused app Stike.

The program, called Tips, will roll out globally to Apple IOS users first. Android users will be able to access the feature in the coming weeks.

According to Esther Crawford, staff product manager at Twitter wrote in a blog post, "People already drop links to their payment profiles in their bios and in their tweets. Tips make this easier to do, offering one fixed spot, right on your profile, where you can link to your Cash App, Patreon, Venmo and other platforms where people can support you."

Twitter users will be able to tip with bitcoin by adding their bitcoin address through the lightning network, a layer-2 payment protocol known for its low transaction fees. Twitter will not collect a fee for transactions made over Tips.

"We want everyone to have access to pathways to get paid digital currency that encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send each other money across borders and with as little friction as possible help us get there," said Crawford at a press briefing on Thursday.

Also, Twitter announced plans to expand into the non-fungible token (NFT) space and create a platform that allows users to authenticate and display NFT collections. No formal plans have been outlined yet.

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