Manchester United Fan Tokens Airdrop

CLAIM 10,000 MUFC tokens 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 CLAIM 10,000 MUFC airdrop for free no gas fee, click the link below it will take you to telegram bot, then follow the instruction to receive your airdrop. it will be deposited to your Trust Wallet automatically in less than 30 minutes once you click withdraw. Airdrop token will be automatically sent to your wallet in the next 12-24 hours, but locked till the end of the IDO program. Then your token will be released 10% each month, block by block. No need for a Smart Chain gas fee. Contract Address: 0xE44946b6A075b2C99fDe1dD0c4dA4a3436211f8C Symbol: MUFC Decimals: 18 Note:  Just do as instructed by the telegram bot and you will receive it in less than 30 minutes to your wallet after you withdraw.

How to Use Satoshi BTCs Mining App

I notice people some people didn't get how to use this Satoshi BTCs mining app yet, so I decided to use this video to explain better.

  • How to use HashCard & GiftCard
  • How to participate in BTC Giveaway
  • How to unluck the hidden Satoshi Card
  • How to get BTC reward for the referral e.t.c.
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