TapSwap a Crypto Project with Telegram Bot Tapping on Solana blockchain

TapSwap is a new Crypto exchange project that combines the key features of modern DeFi platforms and offers a multitude of new opportunities for its community. The goal of TapSwap is to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency, utilizing the advantages of the Solana blockchain. Key Features on TapSwap include: • Mining Bot: This is a telegram bot for mining and the TAPS token distribution. • Staking Rewards: The staking platform for receiving additional rewards. • Decentralized governance: TapSwap token holders have voting rights and can actively participate in the development of the platform. • Profit distribution: The profit distribution system allows token holders to receive a certain percentage of the operations on the platform. TAPS Token TAPS Token is the native token of the TapSwap ecosystem which has begun distributing the token to the community through a bot-tapping mechanism. Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 Telegram Bot Allocation- 150,000,000 TAPS

Binance CEO responds to the Nigerian cryptocurrency trader's outcry

Changpeng Zhao letter

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has responded to the Nigerian crypto trader community's outcry over their binance account being restricted.

There has been an outcry on Twitter by the Nigerian crypto community aggressively calling out the leading crypto exchange platforms with different complaints from restricting traders' accounts to permanent suspending. 


However, the company CEO Changpeng Zhao in his letter to Nigerians apologized for the inconvenience caused by delays in resolving customer support requests. On the company's website, he claims that the platform restricted the personal accounts of some Nigerian users to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and ensure the security of the platform for traders.

"The Nigerian community brings me great pride. Since the inception of Binance, Nigeria and Africa at large have been very special markets to us and for crypto" said Changpeng Zhao.

" We love and are devoted to our Nigerian community, but we must ensure that our users are safe. As such, protection mechanisms such as KYC, anti-money laundering measures, collaboration with law enforcement and  account restrictions are in place to ensure our community remains protected and that fraudulent activity is prevented."

CEO claim that 281 Nigerian accounts have been affected by these personal account restrictions with approximately 38% of these case restricted at the request of international law enforcement.

The platform reassures the Nigerian community that Binance is working hard to attend to all customer service requests, 79 of accounts restricted cases has been resolved.

"All non-law enforcement-related cases will be solved within two weeks, " said Changpeng Zhao.

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