Atlantis Exchange Airdrops $1 Billion of Advanced Bitcoin for Global Signups and Referrals

Atlantis Exchange announced that its official platform to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrencies has started the airdrop of $1 billion of Advanced Bitcoin, to both individuals and corporate entities ("person") for their Signups and Referrals on its platform. Here is the latest market price for Advanced Bitcoin at Poocoin   According to Atlantis Exchange, any individual and/or corporate entity is entitled to receive the airdropped Advanced Bitcoin immediately after a Signup is completed and an account is verified through the user-registered email  Please be advised: 1) One account/person ONLY. Any attempt to establish multiple accounts will automatically DISQUALIFY you from receiving any of the Atlantis-airdropped cryptocurrencies. 2) After your Signup is done, please double check if you have received your Signup Bonus of 5 aBTC in your Atlantis Wallet and then get familiar with all the UNIQUE functions of Atlantis Exchange that other exchanges may possibly don't

BULL100X Token Airdrop

BULL100X is the investment token of the BSC platform. The main task of the BULL token is to bring profit to its investors and holders.

Participate in BULL100X airdrop and receive:
Reward: 600 BULL - $60
Referral: 200 BULL - $20
Distribution: Instant (no fee)

Airdrop Link: Telegram Bot

BULL100X Contract Address

Network: Smart Chain

Contract: 0x72aDD749DdCFE9b749f50CBFf76B59A2e6c80Af5

Name: BULL Token

Symbol: BULL

Decimals: 18

How to join pre-sales on Trust Wallet?

Click buy and connect your wallet

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