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Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) Migrates to Galaxy Football Token

Migrate MUFC to Galaxy

 Manchester United fan token has migrated to Galaxy football token project. The unofficial man united token project faces copyright issues related to token name (MUFC) from the Manchester United football club.

This makes the project owners announce the migration of the project from MUFC to GALAXY in a public announcement made on the project's official telegram group stating the token migration plan:

"To improve the member experience as well as fix the copyright issues related token name (MUFC) from Manchester United football club, we would like to inform you the TOKEN MIGRATION PLAN AS FOLLOWS:

Website Upgrade: 7 days

Project rename: Manchester United Fan Token to Galaxy token

MUFC holders: Will receive Galaxy token instead of MUFC token 

How to migrate MUFC to GALAXY token?

If you have MUFC on your Trust wallet all you need to do is to migrate it to the new project with just clicks and you get the same amount of MUFC you have in Galaxy token, just follow the steps below:

1) Copy the new website link: then post it on DApps browser on TRUST WALLET or Meta mask, use Smart Chain network and connect your wallet to the site.

2) The right side below shows MIGRATE click it and APPROVE.

3) THEN CONVERT shows up then click to convert MUFC to GALAXY

4) Copy the contract Address of GALAXY 

5) Go to your TRUST WALLET and add the copied contract

GALAXY Football Token Contract Address

Network: Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0xD854F98E6A78B51eE7D335c7d035343938beB394

Name: Galaxy Football

Symbol: Galaxy

Decimals: 18

After adding the token to the trust wallet, the Galaxy Football token you converted to will appear that is all, you are done. As at the time of writing this article, a little gas fee was charged for the migration. 

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