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Emirates Airlines accepts Bitcoin for payment and uses blockchain to trace aircraft records

Emirates' COO Abel Ahmed Al-Redha
image source: Arab News

Emirates, the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, announced to the public its plans to add Bitcoin as a payment option and to make NFT collectables tradable on the company's website.

The Emirates' chief operating officer Abel Ahmed  Al-Redha stated this in a media gathering held at the international travel trade show, the Arabian Travel Market. According to Arab News.

In addition, the company plans to hire new staff for Metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to develop applications to monitor customer needs.

Abel Ahmed explained that with the Metaverse, you will be able to transform your whole process whether it is in operation, training, sales on the website or complete experience into a Metaverse type application.

The airline will also seek to use the Blockchain in tracing records of aircraft he said.

However, Emirates is not the first airline to accept cryptocurrencies as payment but being the largest airline in UAE added a boost to the crypto industry.

One of the other airlines that already accept cryptocurrency as payment includes, Latvian airline airBaltic which was the world's first to accept Bitcoin payments for its flight tickets back in 2014.

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