Satoshi CORE Mining - Step by step guide on how to mine Satoshi second BTC for free

  Satoshi  BTCs now rebranded to CORE Mining is a Turing-complete Blockchain leveraging the  Bitcoin (BTC) mining hash rate and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The core is powered by a new consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus which applies a protocol-driven validator election mechanism to combine the optional features of Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to ensure the maximization of security, scalability, and decentralization. The rapid development of Bitcoin which makes its value rise millions of times in ten years has made only a few people caught up with Bitcoin and this is not in line with Satoshi Nakamoto's fair wealth creation and protection of wealth spirit and this now led to the birth of Core Coin (BTCs). CORE Chain Satoshi Bookkeeping smart contract using Bitcoin computing power, connecting 'Smart Contract' with Bitcoin's 'Proof of Work' PoW to leverage the strength of each while simultaneously ameliorating their respective sho

APE Token Crypto: Community Airdrop and Pre-Sales

Ape Token DAO is a decentralized and community-led governance and is designed to become more decentralized over time. The goal of APEToken is to steward the growth and development of the APEToken ecosystem fairly and inclusively.

APE TOKEN is a BEP-20 governance and utility token used within the APES ecosystem to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3

Airdrop & Presales
  • Free airdrop APE TOKEN online
  • Claim free 1000 APEs Token
  • Listing Prize: 1000 APEs -$20
  • Referral: 50% BNB + 1% APEs

Buy APEs Tokens 
Min Buy 0.01 BNB= 5000 APEs
Min Buy 0.1 BNB = 50,000 APEs
Min Buy 1 BNB = 500,000 APEs
Max Buy 5 BNB = 250,000 APEs

Listing Date: July 16, 2022 (Pancakeswap, P2PB2B, Hot it and

Binance Community Giveaway

25.000 BNB worth- $8,000,000
Get up to $500-$50,000 in BNB

Every Participant must HOLD minimum$50 in APEtoken (BSC)
Claim: June 2 2022
Follow Twitter: @APEs_Drops

Token Contract Details

Network: Smart Chain

Contract: 0x96eb2649ecE371596f6afB301CE39E713763C626

Name: APEToken

Symbol: APEs

Decimals: 18

DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.
This write up is for information purposes only not investment advice, do your proper findings before investing.

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