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Total Supply: 1 trillion  Current basic rate: 0.02 Mining link: chatanyworld CatStar, as a chaotic version issued by the global social Metaverse project ChatAny, is designed to establish links with global users in advance through the free distribution of Metaverse virtual assets, and attract and encourage early users to participate in the promotion and construction of participate in the promotion and construction of the platform through the CAT token reward mechanism. Besides, the next-generation spirit of the internet of Value of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing can be truly practised, so as to ultimately realize the DAO governance, development, upgrading, self-evolution, as well as the sustainable operation of the Metaverse platform in the form of decentralization. How to earn CAT token The current core gameplay of CatStar is very simple, and "One-button Start" on the homepage every day can help the user automatically generate earnings. After 12 hours

Candela Coin Airdrop

About Candela
Candela Coin is a token that allows holders to take part in the ground floor phase of decentralized solar energy and a Blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy transfer platform. People across the globe will be able to transfer solar energy to others in their communities using candela coin as a medium of exchange.

The blockchain-based peer-to-peer transfer allows users to buy, sell, or store solar power allowing energy to be more accessible and sustainable for the world. The team's vision is to decentralise and democratize the consumption, transfer, and production of solar energy.

Candela Coin Airdrop

Price: 1CLA = $0.0018
Reward: 20,000 CLA ($38) for joining
Referral: 3,000 CLA ($5.5) for each valid referral
Bonus: $500 in CLA for top 100 referral
End Date: June 23 2022
Distribution Date: June 25 2022

Candela Coin Contract Address

Network: Smart Chain

Contract: 0xF6663F46ECd7AE8eE8b6cC54681A42EbA0ef52b4

Name: Candela Coin

Symbol: CLA

Decimals: 18

Candela's open-source ecosystem allows users to participate in every way possible. Everybody is a contributor. Candela coin is unique in that it allows users who aren't prosumers to add liquidity to the energy market. By doing so, the team believes that they can truly democratize and decentralise energy.

DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.
Airdrops are free, do your proper findings before paying for any projects that asked for a gas fee to transfer the airdrop.

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