CoreDao team launches new Satoshi App for crypto Airdrops

The CoreDao team has launched the Satoshi app brand new version that aims to be the world's top free Airdrop platform and started with three test projects for all users to experience and try out before the launch of the official projects. This unique Satoshi App gives users access to participate in free token airdropping by different quality projects built on Core Chain. Launching crypto projects on the Satoshi App also gives automatic mass adoption to developers' projects by connecting high-quality projects with the mass amount of crypto lovers already on the chain. How to participate in Satoshi App Airdrops  • Download the Satoshi App and register/ login  • Choose whichever projects you are interested in to participate in airdropping  • You can choose a maximum of 8 projects at a time. • System will run each round of airdropping for an hour, participant can claim an airdrop reward at any time. • The token amount that each participant can claim is up to the parti

MARA Exchange Wallet Pre-launch: Register for free and receive bonus in dollars.

MARA is a pan-African crypto exchange platform that wants to increase the number of Africans who can participate in the crypto economy.

MARA says it is building a suite of products that address various crypto finance needs for the African audience. Its flagship product is a consumer crypto brokerage app that allows users to buy, send sell and withdraw fiat and crypto assets.

MARA in its quest to bring as many Africans as possible into the crypto space allow individuals to register for free and receive dollars in bonuses.

What is MARA Exchange Wallet?

MARA exchange wallet is a custodial retail crypto wallet that's currently in its pre-launch phase and is available to download on Play Store and Apps Store.

Once the MARA exchange wallet is fully launched, it will make it easy for users to buy, sell, send and withdraw crypto and fiat assets.

MARA plans to launch its exchange and the MARA Chains - a layer-1 Blockchain that will enable developers to build decentralized applications (DApps).

How does the MARA Exchange wallet Pre-launch work?

1. Register for free and download the app, select your preferred language option and then click on "Get Started".

2. Thereafter, submit your email address to receive a verification link to the email you provided then click on the link, you will be automatically redirected to the app as a new user.

3. Fill in your name, phone number and tick the checkbox to agree to Mara's privacy policy and click submit.

4. You will receive an SMS with your six-digit one-time password (OTP).

5. Proceed to agree on GDPR by clicking Yes, I agree.

6. You have successfully registered as a new MARA Wallets Pre-launch app user and earned your first reward of $2 and you can click on "Earn More Rewards" by referring.

Referral (Optional): Are you a crypto enthusiast or a beginner who wishes to have a stable income through cryptocurrency?

After you registered, you will be given $2 instantly and you will also be given a MARA token which can be swapped for any other crypto.

  • You will get a free MARA token when the app is fully functioning.
  • You will earn an instant $1 per referral
  • As an early member, you will be earning 10 per cent of your free MARA token every month on staking.
  • Join the Mara community...

Mara Exchange Leaders (Champion & Supper Champion)

If you want to become a leader (Champion) with Mara Exchange, you must first FILL OUT THIS SURVEY MONEY FORM then go and download Mara's wallet using the same email.

On the form you need your recruiter details to be added then use the details below:

Recruiter name: Dare ENATO
Phone number: 07037460113

Note: Mara Exchange Champion / Supper Champion must market Mara projects either online, offline or both.

Benefits of Mara champions:

  • 50% of your referral bonus can be withdrawn as cash every 2 weeks before the launch.
  • When fully launched, you will be earning a percentage anytime all your referral buys or sell any crypto like Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum etc. On the Mara Exchange for life.

MARA Exchange is launched in Nigeria and Kenya as its headquarters and WI later roll out to other African countries. Join early now and benefit from the goodies MARA is bringing to Africa.

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