Over Protocol Airdrop: Earn Daily Points on Over Wallet

 Over Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain network aiming to address storage and dependency issues that many blockchains, including Ethereum, face. Its key feature is providing lightweight and user-friendly full nodes, improving accessibility for individuals to operate on their personal computers (PC) at home.  Over Community Access Program (OCAP) offers opportunities for early ecosystem contributors to earn OVER and join in Over ecosystem with various quests before the mainnet launch.  Over Protocol Airdrop Claim Over Protocol Point daily Download Over Wallet Link  https://mobile.over.network/en/invite/KWGJQQD0T1 Invite Code: KWGJQQD0T1 Mission: Complete some tasks and earn more points than others. Rewards: Check your point records and rank on the leaderboard. Over Wallet Over Wallet is the first service in the Over Protocol ecosystem, the wallet will offer users the functionality to acquire and manage OVER points. It will be updated for token asset management and transaction features,  p

BitMart X HMT Listing Airdrop

Humanize (HMT) will list on BitMart at 10:00 AM in August. 11, 2022 UTC! To celebrate the listing of HMT, we are giving away 61,000 HMT in our Social Media Airdrops, Net Buy & Win and Net Buying Competition events!

6,000 Airdrop Giveaway steps

Step 3. Retweet & Tag 3 Friends

Step 4. Register on BitMart to get your UID

Step 5. Fill in the Form

Complete all tasks of the airdrop
Submit Your BitMart account UID
For 2,500 Random Lucky people 

About Humanize (HMT)

We are a cryptocurrency trading company specializing in education and support for novice and professional traders based in Dubai - UAE.

We believe that cryptocurrency and all technologies should be more "humanized" and accessible to everyone. In recent years, we have seen many people lose their money and life savings due to market manipulation or simply the lack of knowledge due to how complex the entire crypto sphere I'd for the average human being.

We exist to humanize automated and cryptocurrency trading and make it available to everyone.

DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.
This write-up is for information purposes only not investment advice, do your proper findings before investing.

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