TapSwap a Crypto Project with Telegram Bot Tapping on Solana blockchain

TapSwap is a new Crypto exchange project that combines the key features of modern DeFi platforms and offers a multitude of new opportunities for its community. The goal of TapSwap is to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency, utilizing the advantages of the Solana blockchain. Key Features on TapSwap include: • Mining Bot: This is a telegram bot for mining and the TAPS token distribution. • Staking Rewards: The staking platform for receiving additional rewards. • Decentralized governance: TapSwap token holders have voting rights and can actively participate in the development of the platform. • Profit distribution: The profit distribution system allows token holders to receive a certain percentage of the operations on the platform. TAPS Token TAPS Token is the native token of the TapSwap ecosystem which has begun distributing the token to the community through a bot-tapping mechanism. Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 Telegram Bot Allocation- 150,000,000 TAPS

Crypto Update Today: Binance launches SBT token for KYC.

* Bitcoin Whale: While the market is still in crisis with BTC trading below $23,000 a new Bitcoin Whale has appeared in the crypto ecosystem, New Player Buys Three Billion Dollars' Worth of BTC in 3 days.

* ADA: Swiss Bank Sygnum Adds Cardano (ADA) to its Bank-Grade Staking Offering, Prior to the announcement, Sygnum offered staking on three cryptocurrencies, including ETH 2.0, ICP and XTZ. According to a blog post 

* Forsake: SEC charges 11 people in a $300m crypto pyramid, Ponzi scheme. Forsake allegedly operated as a pyramid scheme for more than two years, in which investors earned profits by recruiting others into the scheme.

* Binance: The crypto exchange has launched its first soulbound or non-transferable and non-financialized token, the Binance Account Bound (BAB). The token will act as a decentralised solution to the KYC requirements of the exchange. Owning a BAB token will verify a user's status on the exchange.

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