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  Satoshi  BTCs now rebranded to CORE Mining is a Turing-complete Blockchain leveraging the  Bitcoin (BTC) mining hash rate and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The core is powered by a new consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus which applies a protocol-driven validator election mechanism to combine the optional features of Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to ensure the maximization of security, scalability, and decentralization. The rapid development of Bitcoin which makes its value rise millions of times in ten years has made only a few people caught up with Bitcoin and this is not in line with Satoshi Nakamoto's fair wealth creation and protection of wealth spirit and this now led to the birth of Core Coin (BTCs). CORE Chain Satoshi Bookkeeping smart contract using Bitcoin computing power, connecting 'Smart Contract' with Bitcoin's 'Proof of Work' PoW to leverage the strength of each while simultaneously ameliorating their respective sho

Travel Coin Token Airdrop

Travel Coin Airdrop Is Now Live!

Reward: 15000 TCOIN ($30) per participant
Referral: 8500 Travel Coin ($20)
Start Date: August 10, 2022
Distribution Date: From August 11, 2022

Airdrop Link: TravelCoinAirdrop_Bot

Travel Coin Contract Address

 Network: Smart Chains

Contract: 0xb8b10DaFb5546b3740886D8a77b8b9bACB44fFfD

Name: Travel Chain

Symbol: TCOIN

Decimals: 4

About Travel Coin (TCOIN)

The Travel Coin token (TCOIN) delivers the latest solutions in the digital era of customers and businesses in the tourism industry. TCOIN is backed by the Binance Chain (BSC), one of the fastest, cheapest, and most secured technologies in the world.

Managing tokens on a Blockchain provides greater transparency and integrity than traditional forms of asset accounting and trading. TCOIN Tokens can also be traded peer-to-peer without any middleman, allowing for a decentralized digital rewarding marketplace.

In addition to their real travel utility, TCOIN Tokens is tradable on trading platforms and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

TCOIN Tokens can be kept in the Travel Coin Platform, in other electric wallets such as Trust Wallet, and even on cold wallets such as Ledger.

DISCLAIMER: Except for BTC and Ethereum other coins are air coins that have high risks please invest with caution.
Airdrops are free, do your proper findings before paying for any projects that asked for a gas fee to transfer the airdrop.

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