Satoshi CORE Mining - Step by step guide on how to mine Satoshi second BTC for free

  Satoshi  BTCs now rebranded to CORE Mining is a Turing-complete Blockchain leveraging the  Bitcoin (BTC) mining hash rate and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The core is powered by a new consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus which applies a protocol-driven validator election mechanism to combine the optional features of Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to ensure the maximization of security, scalability, and decentralization. The rapid development of Bitcoin which makes its value rise millions of times in ten years has made only a few people caught up with Bitcoin and this is not in line with Satoshi Nakamoto's fair wealth creation and protection of wealth spirit and this now led to the birth of Core Coin (BTCs). CORE Chain Satoshi Bookkeeping smart contract using Bitcoin computing power, connecting 'Smart Contract' with Bitcoin's 'Proof of Work' PoW to leverage the strength of each while simultaneously ameliorating their respective sho

Web3 Email Account: Earn 250 EMC instantly through claiming EtherMail ID

The EtherMail is the first email solution to set the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. They recently completed a $3 million seed round. The next stage is the start of incentivized beta testing, where we participate and receive EMC.

EtherMail is the only tool in the Web 3.0 space allowing web3 companies to send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on Blockchain-synced real-time information. The solution also helps companies proactively mitigate the risk of communication fraud by preemptively informing users of breaches and vulnerabilities, while enabling self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on up-to-the-minute smart contract data.

EtherMail will be introducing its native utility token, EMT early next year. EMT will be an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. This token will be a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism designed to reward email users for their time and attention reading unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics. It is estimated that 320 billion emails are sent worldwide daily, which continues to grow annually.

How to claim 250 ECM

Step 1: Visit the site by clicking here to open EtherMail on your browser.

Step 2: Now click on Sign up, select MetaMask and approve the connection
Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and the page will redirect to this page below.
Step 4: Simply click on next, add a secondary email address and click on next.
Step 5: Your EtherMail ID is ready and you will receive 250 EMC
Step 6: Click Great and click on Retrieve Encryption Keys and sign in to your MetaMask.
Step 7: Click on Finish. Now you have successfully activated your EtherMail.
Step 8: Now you will receive two emails in your inbox, just open the mail with the subject Intivte your friends and get 250 Emacs. You will find your referral link, just share it with your friends and earn 250 EMC for each friend you invite.
Note: All prizes will initially be distributed in EMC prior to the launch of the native utility token. These EMC incentives will eventually be converted to EMT. At the time of the token launch, the EMC: $EMT conversion rate will be determined.

My email address on web3 is:

Send me a mail after you sign up to test run.

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