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Jesse Powell Criticizes Binance's Proof of Reserve.


The leading Centralized Crypto Exchange Binance releases its proof of reserves system and it has faced criticism from Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken claiming that Binance's PoR was not complete without the liabilities of the client included.

The idea of Proof of Reserve was introduced by Binance after the FTX Exchange collapsed and shattered people's trust in centralized crypto exchanges, the lack of liquidity was the major cause of FTX's crash. FTX was once the second largest Centralized Crypto Exchange behind Binance which had over $10 billion in transaction volume in 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap.

The purpose of Proof of Reserve (PoR) is to regain investors' trust in centralized crypto exchanges, the PoR system will only support Bitcoin (BTC) at starting while other tokens and networks will follow.

Binance released its Merkle tree proof of reserves showing a reserve ratio of 101%, users can check their Bitcoin balances on the trading platform against Binance's own Merkle Tree, or via a URL supplied by Binance.

Binance mentioned forthcoming transparency enhancements, such as the use of ZK-SNARKs in its PoR procedures. also hinted at the use of third-party auditors to verify the accuracy of its PoR data. All in an effort to gain investors' trust.

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