Over Protocol Airdrop: Earn Daily Points on Over Wallet

 Over Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain network aiming to address storage and dependency issues that many blockchains, including Ethereum, face. Its key feature is providing lightweight and user-friendly full nodes, improving accessibility for individuals to operate on their personal computers (PC) at home.  Over Community Access Program (OCAP) offers opportunities for early ecosystem contributors to earn OVER and join in Over ecosystem with various quests before the mainnet launch.  Over Protocol Airdrop Claim Over Protocol Point daily Download Over Wallet Link  https://mobile.over.network/en/invite/KWGJQQD0T1 Invite Code: KWGJQQD0T1 Mission: Complete some tasks and earn more points than others. Rewards: Check your point records and rank on the leaderboard. Over Wallet Over Wallet is the first service in the Over Protocol ecosystem, the wallet will offer users the functionality to acquire and manage OVER points. It will be updated for token asset management and transaction features,  p

Airdrop: MemePad (MEPAD) Listing on BitMart Vote Listing: Vote to Share $8,000 in MEPAD Prize Pool!

• Voting Period: 2023-02-22 08:00 PM ~ 2023-02-25 08:00 PM UTC 
• Required Valid Listing Vote: 1000 Votes 
• Type: Vote Listing 
• Max.  Votes Per User: 1 Vote Per User 
• Total Airdrop Prize Pool: 1,000,000 MEPAD ~ Approx. 8,000 USD 
• Eligible: Users who hold at least one BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFT

The airdrop for BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFT holders continues as BitMart will launch MemePad (MEPAD) 72h Vote Listing on Feb 22, 2022, you can participate in this event by following the steps: 

1) Register on the BitMart Exchange platform

2) Simply purchase BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFT through BitMart NFT Marketplace and 

3) Participate in the voting via BitMart Vote Listing 

Vote Listing Rules 

1. The winning project needs to get no less than 1000 valid votes to be listed on BitMart. 

2. Each BitMart account with Vote-to-Earn NFT will only count as one vote. 

3. Users are only eligible to receive one airdrop regardless of the quantity of Vote-to-Earn NFT that we're purchased. 

4. All users who vote for the project and still hold the Vote-to-Earn NFT at the snapshot time from 2023-02-25 20:00:00 to 2023-02-26 20:00:00 UTC will be qualified for the airdrop rewards. The First 1000 qualified voters will equally share the prize pool of MEPAD worth $5,000. All remaining qualified users will share the rest of the prize pool equally. 

5. Airdrop Rewards will be issued within 24 hours after the token trading starts. 

6. Any cheating or malicious behaviour in a depositing vote will result in disqualification. 

7. The withdrawal function will remain open, and ButMart will only identify the holder of the NFT if it stays on BitMart. If users withdraw the NFT to other platforms, it can't be deposited back to a BitMart wallet and won't be eligible for rewards.

What is MemePad?

MemePad is the first IDO launchpad focusing exclusively on meme-coins and other micro-cap coins. 

What is "Vote to Earn" NFT?

The Vote to Earn NFT is an NFT that users can purchase that gives them access to voting rights for new BitMart listings. If their chosen candidates successfully list on BitMart, they will receive guaranteed airdrops from these projects. 

What is BitMart Vote to Earn Project?

BitMart is the first exchange to offer an NFT-based Vote to Earn Program for users to support unlisted projects. To participate, users must purchase a BitMart "Vote to Earn" NFT on the BitMart NFT Marketplace.

Potential token listings will be announced via official BitMart channels, and users that hold one of these special NFTs can review information about the project and vote on whether a project reaches the required vote threshold, it will go live on BitMart within ten business days.

After listing on BitMart, all voters who hold a "Vote to Earn" NFT will share a prize pool of the project token as an airdrop. If users are not interested in exercising their voting rights, they can still trade their "Vote to Earn" NFT on the BitMart NFT Marketplace at any time. 

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