TG BOT: Watch-to-Earn on W3BFLIX Mini App

 W3BFLIX is an entertainment token launchpad and content streaming service for movies, TV series, animations, live concerts, and more. W3BFLIX is being built on TON and accessible via Telegram as a mini app. W3BFLIX is Web3's solution to Netflix. It empower communities to have a stronger voice in creative decision-making. Interact, crowdfund, and promote the entertainment content you're a fan of, and enjoy real-life and impactful rewards for your engagement and participation. How to mine W3BFLIX point? Right now, participate in the daily lucky draw. Miners would be able to earn points by watching videos, inviting friends, and completing tasks. Join the W3BFLIX telegram Bot Select the bottom start button. Select 'Not A Bot' to verify you are a human. Click the blue icon in the picture below for keyboard pop up and enter the captcha code. Congrats you have been verified. Go back to the Bot Menu and select the 'Daily Lucky Draw button every day to earn free point. W3BF

Tycore Airdrop and Test Coin-A on Satoshi App similarities


Is Tycore token the same as Test Coin-A on Satoshi App? 

Tycore (TYC) is a new crypto project coming on Core Blockchain with no official details currently at the time of writing this article with a curiosity about the probability of it being the same token runing a testnet on the Satoshi App. The Tycore official Twitter handle uses the same logo as the TEST COIN-A on Satoshi App free airdrop mining and also used link as its website makes the community to be curious.

However, as the CoreDAO community watching closely and waiting for full details of the Tycore project, the project recently announced an airdrop campaign. Airdrop is a way of distributing free tokens to the community as a way to increase awareness and adoption.

The Tycore airdrop campaign is open to anyone in the CoreDAO community who wants to participate. 10% of TYC tokens will be distributed to 100,000 early core communities. The first phase of the airdrop is currently ongoing by participating in a social media task.

To participate in the airdrop, users need to complete a few simple tasks such as following Tycore on social media platforms, joining their Telegram group, and filling out a form to submit their Core wallet address. Once the tasks are complete, users will receive a predetermined amount of TYC tokens as a reward.

The Tycore airdrop campaign started on April 23 and the project promised in delivering a platform that meets users' needs while encouraging the community to wait for an epic update. 

In conclusion, the Tycore airdrop campaign is a great initiative that allows users to earn free tokens while promoting a promising Satoshi App for free tokens just like OpenX currently airdropping. It's a win-win situation for both the participants and the project, and it will be interesting to see how the Tycore project evolves in the future.  

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