Core Ignition Drop Claiming Guide

 The Core Ignition Drop, which started the rewards claim on June 10, 2024, allows Coretoshis (Core Community) to unlock incentives for their contributions and engagement in the Core Blockchain. The Incentives claimed by the participating community are based on their activities up from the day they join the program until the snapshot is taken. In this article, I will discuss how to participate in the Core Ignition Drop, its benefits, and more. What is Core Ignition? Core ignition is an incentive program developed by the Core Foundation to jumpstart the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on Core Blockchain, the program started on March 11th, 2024, and will continue for six months, providing ample time for users to participate and reap the benefits, rewarding the community for their contributions to the network. By participating, users can earn rewards while simultaneously helping to fuel the growth and adoption of the Core ecosystem. The Core Ignition Program is for both ecosystem users and We

Crest Protocol launches its own Dex with Bounty claim


 The Crest Protocol platform one of the early projects on Core Blockchain has recently launched its own decentralized exchange (DEX) called CrestSwap. The launch CrestSwap is a significant milestone for the protocols it aims to provide users with a seamless and secure trading experience. 

CrestSwap is a fully decentralized exchange that operates on the Core Blockchain. It allows users to trade a wide range of tokens without the need for an intermediary or central authority. By using CrestSwap, users can trade with each other directly and can claim Bounty rewards. 

One of the key features of CrestSwap is its CPT2.0 Bounty reward, this bounty is given as a reward for providing service to other users. Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, you are helping out by activating the auto CPT2.0 Pools compounding function for everyone.

CrestSwap also features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for traders to navigate the platform and execute trades quickly. The platform also makes it easy for users with old Crest Token (CPT) to migrate it to CPT2.0.

If you are holding the old CPT simply open CrestSwap, click the menu and select "Migrate" connect your wallet and follow the steps required of you.

CPT2.0 Contract Address

Contract: 0xf6d673d6140d1f89d206c45b9dc4239426d81090
Name: Crest Protocol 2.0
Symbol: CPT2.0 
Decimals: 18

In addition to its trading capabilities, CrestSwap also has a staking feature that allows users to earn rewards by staking their tokens on the platform. Users can earn rewards up to 5000% APR in the form of Crest tokens, the more tokens a user stakes, the higher the rewards they can earn.

The launch of CrestSwap is a significant step forward for the Crest Protocol, as it expands the platform's capabilities and provides users with a secure and efficient way to trade on Core Chain. With its user-friendly interface, low transaction fees, staking rewards, bounty claims, and daily token burn, CrestSwap is poised to become a popular destination for traders in the DeFi space. 

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