Free Airdrop: Catly Token for Binance Users

Catly platform is the world's first token that supports buybacks during the presale. Binance users can claim 500 CATLY TOKENS for free with auto staking, and the claimed airdrops will be unstaked after listing and the daily stake rewards are allowed to be sold or staked again.  There is information that Catly is likely to be listed on Binance Exchange so take the opportunity to mine Catly token now! Below are the steps to claim the airdrop: Step 1: Register by clicking the "Sign Up" button using Gmail and create a Password.  Click "CLAIM" at the top right corner and enter only your USDT (Bep-20) wallet address from Binance and tap submit.  Step 2: Without delay, go to your Binance Spot account to check the USDT or check the email alert sent by Binance.  Wait for the USDT to be sent to your Binance account, and check the USDT amount that was sent to your Binance account.  Step 3: Go back to the Catly website, you will be asked to enter the amount of USDT that

SatoshiCoreSwap: A Dex on Core Chain Allegedly Rugpull

 SatoshiCoreSwap, one of the decentralized exchanges (DEX) built on the Core Blockchain offers users a way to trade various cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized intermediary. However, on Monday night 15 May 2023, the platform allegedly conducted a rugpull,  worth 220 Eth causing users to lose their investment. 

A rug pull is a fraudulent practice where the creators of a decentralized platform suddenly pull liquidity from the platform,  causing the value of the tokens on the platform to plummet. In a rugpull, the creators of the platform typically sell their tokens at a high price, leaving investors with worthless tokens.

In the case of SatoshiCoreSwap, a transaction on the exchange remove all the staking funds in one fell swoop and bridged 220 ETH ($385,000) then transfers were executed using Tornado Cash, a privacy tool used for transaction obfuscation which is usually used by rugpulls to remain anonymous according to Documenting Core one of the Twitter handle, who promoted SatoshiCoreSwap.

 However, SatoshiCoreSwap in its response to the rug pull allegation stated the rumor is not true, and claims that they were facing some difficulties during the Dex upgrade to a multichain contract and it is now completed.

 The incident served as a stark reminder of the risks associated with investing in decentralized platforms, particularly those that are relatively new and untested.

Investors in decentralized platforms should always exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before investing their funds.  They should also be aware of the risks associated with investing in decentralized platforms,  including the risk of rugpulls,  scams,  and other fraudulent activities.

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