Core Ignition Drop Claiming Guide

 The Core Ignition Drop, which started the rewards claim on June 10, 2024, allows Coretoshis (Core Community) to unlock incentives for their contributions and engagement in the Core Blockchain. The Incentives claimed by the participating community are based on their activities up from the day they join the program until the snapshot is taken. In this article, I will discuss how to participate in the Core Ignition Drop, its benefits, and more. What is Core Ignition? Core ignition is an incentive program developed by the Core Foundation to jumpstart the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on Core Blockchain, the program started on March 11th, 2024, and will continue for six months, providing ample time for users to participate and reap the benefits, rewarding the community for their contributions to the network. By participating, users can earn rewards while simultaneously helping to fuel the growth and adoption of the Core ecosystem. The Core Ignition Program is for both ecosystem users and We

Earn Passive Income with World Virtual Coin (WVC) Mining


 World Virtual Coin (WVC) is an organization believing in the empowerment of the economic and financial condition of every individual who has the power of making the right decisions in their life with a desire to be a successful person. 

WVC claimed to be providing business opportunities to every person without making any big investment but guarantees an unbelievable flow of income to deserve what they seek in their lives.

How to Mine World Virtual Coin (WVC)? 

  • Received instant 1 WCV coin (ending on July 31)
  • Daily Stake Reward
  • Daily mining earns WVC
  • Instant Selling of WVC on PancakeSwap
Step-by-Step Guide
  • Click the WVC Mining link to download App
  • Open the App
  • Enter Email and click end then enter Verify Code. 
  • Select Country and enter a Phone number
  • Enter your First & Last Name, Username, and Password (e.g @enat1), then confirm
  • Use Affiliated/Refer code: 842083
  • Nominee Name: Enat
  • Now copy the phrase and save it in a safe place
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Click CLAIM
  • Complete all Tasks by (joining their Telegram,  YouTube,  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account). All tasks will be ticked ✅ when completed. 
  • Check the box
  • Click SUBMIT
Now you have registered successfully, you will get 1 WVC coin as a reward and you also see the balance on top of the screen.

  • Now click the ACTIVATE button, and the free WVC you are given will be deducted from the balance.
  • You need a minimum of 1 WVC to stake before you can start mining daily. 
  • Buy WVC from friends or PancakeSwap and send it to the app.
  • Click STAKE WVC and put the amount of WVC you want to stake.
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Click the ROCKET button to start mining
  • Done & Earn Token Daily by clicking on the ROCKET button every 24 hours.
Earn 5% referral rewards for every member you sign up. No limit on withdrawal and you can sell on PancakeSwap

World Virtual Coin (WVC) Contract Address

Network: BNB Smart Chain


Name: World Virtual Coin

Symbol: WVC

Decimals: 18

WVC is promoted by an elite team of highly motivated achievers, who have a proven track record in the arena of multi-franchising and life-changing business systems. The platform claimed. 

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