CatStar Mining App: Mine CAT token free every 12 hours

Total Supply: 1 trillion  Current basic rate: 0.02 Mining link: chatanyworld CatStar, as a chaotic version issued by the global social Metaverse project ChatAny, is designed to establish links with global users in advance through the free distribution of Metaverse virtual assets, and attract and encourage early users to participate in the promotion and construction of participate in the promotion and construction of the platform through the CAT token reward mechanism. Besides, the next-generation spirit of the internet of Value of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing can be truly practised, so as to ultimately realize the DAO governance, development, upgrading, self-evolution, as well as the sustainable operation of the Metaverse platform in the form of decentralization. How to earn CAT token The current core gameplay of CatStar is very simple, and "One-button Start" on the homepage every day can help the user automatically generate earnings. After 12 hours

Imota Wallet: Mine Free Otara Token and Earn 5 BUSD Bonus

Otara mining

Mine free OTARA token on Imota Wallet, the next-gen, multi-chain for your DeFi needs.

Imota is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet with the most cutting-edge technologies, aiming to accelerate blockchain mass adoption. With Imota, you can send, receive, store and swap multi-chain tokens and NFTs seamlessly with top-level security and intuitive design.

Otara Token Free Mining

Imota Wallet users can mine Otara token for free on the wallet.

How to mine free Otara? 

Step 1: Download Imota Wallet, sign up and use this referral code: crMyaPZT to get up to $5 BUSD.
Step 2: Login the Imota app
Step 3: Click "OTARA" category
Step 4: Click the gemstone to collect Otara.

Users have 3 Otara mining sessions per day. Each session is 8 hours apart, you can mine 1 time in each session.

Users can increase Otara mining speed by completing the daily sessions 3 - 7 - 15 - 30 days and by referring new members.

Imota Wallet KYC

How to complete Imota Wallet KYC level 1 and Level 2?
A valid downline is a user who has KYC level 2. Imota requires KYC level 2 to avoid hackers using bots, cheats,  affecting the interests of users, the community and Imota's resources. To maintain your current mining speed,  all of your downline need to complete KYC level 2.

Nation ID Card & Digital NIN Card has been successfully added to the automatic KYC process. Nigerian users can do KYC level 2 right on Imota App.
  • Click menu then click KYC 1 and fill the necessary details.
  • Click KYC 2
  • Select country Nigeria
  • Choose ID Card
  • Then upload your Digital NIN Card image, the system will automatically confirm.
Imota Referral Program
How to apply referring code to get 5 BUSD bonus?
Step 1: Login the Imota app
Step 2: Click on Menu
Step 3: in the Referral Program Click"Apply Now => Input referral code => crMyaPZT

How to get Imota Wallet referral code?
  • Click on the "I" icon in the Referral Program section to copy the referral code and send it to your friends.
  • Click Share icon to share the referral code with a message.
Imota takes the registration process to the next level with Google/Apple account single sign-on, to make the registration and log-in familiar with everyone. You will always be able to access your gunds, on any device, no traditional back-up phrases needed.

Sing up, generate your referral code, and you are ready to go. There's no limit on the number of friends you can invite, so invite as many friends as you can.

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