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Israeli Police Freeze Hamas Crypto Accounts on Binance

Indians with the Canadian Jewish community coordinated a solidarity march in Canada. 

 The Israeli police claimed to have frozen a crypto account linked to Hamas,  the Palestinian militant group, on Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to the Coindesk report, a local media outlet on Tuesday, the cyber arm of Israel Police's Lahav 433 unit worked with the country's defense ministry, intelligence agencies, and crypto exchange Binance to target the account in question.

The move follows the deadly attack on Israel last weekend by the Hamas group which claims to be fighting for Palestinian freedom while the Israeli government has delivered a full-blown war on the group.

In Binance co-founder He Yi's response, Hamas is currently a terrorist organization defined by the United Nations. Any international organization, including any bank and trading platform, needs to cooperate when receiving inquiries and freezing. No political stance. But there is no way for any trading platform to refuse this law enforcement request. Hamas is an armed force that tortures and kills civilians, and the freeze is aimed at Hamas, not Palestine.

However, Hamas has not yet been defined as a terrorist organization by the United Nations but has been defined as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, Canada, Japan,  the United Kingdom, Israel, and more. 

Thou U.S. has demanded the condemnation of Hamas at the UN meeting, but the Security Council takes no immediate action according to apnews

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