Core Ignition Drop Claiming Guide

 The Core Ignition Drop, which started the rewards claim on June 10, 2024, allows Coretoshis (Core Community) to unlock incentives for their contributions and engagement in the Core Blockchain. The Incentives claimed by the participating community are based on their activities up from the day they join the program until the snapshot is taken. In this article, I will discuss how to participate in the Core Ignition Drop, its benefits, and more. What is Core Ignition? Core ignition is an incentive program developed by the Core Foundation to jumpstart the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on Core Blockchain, the program started on March 11th, 2024, and will continue for six months, providing ample time for users to participate and reap the benefits, rewarding the community for their contributions to the network. By participating, users can earn rewards while simultaneously helping to fuel the growth and adoption of the Core ecosystem. The Core Ignition Program is for both ecosystem users and We

Aave Rebranded to Avara, A Name Derives from Finnish Language


 In an attempt to improve Aave, the decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol, has rebranded from Aave to Avara. This technique move aligns with Aave's concerted effort to widen its user base within the evolving Web 3.0 ecosystem. 

The new name Avara is derived from the Finnish language, which means extensive, spacious, open, and inclusive. Also, it holds a colloquial sense of 'seeing more than you see.' Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of Avara, explained that these nuanced definitions inspired the selection of the name and identity for their blockchain technology company.

Kulechov stressed that Aave's extending suite of offerings, containing the liquidity protocol Aave, the GHO Stablecoin, Lens Protocol, and Sonar, instigated the need for a name that resonates with a broader audience in the Web 3.0 landscape. While the liquidity protocol will retain the Aave Labs brand, its primary priority stays on driving technological improvements within the DeFi sector.

The CEO emphasized the industry-wide change toward expanding infrastructure that supports the creation of products with widespread appeal. Kulechov described Avara's commitment to ongoing invention in DeFi, crafting tools for developers, and introducing intuitive and captivating products to entice a mainstream audience.

"We will continue to innovate in DeFi and build tools for developers while creating new, intuitive, and compelling products that attract mainstream people," Kulechov affirmed.

He sees the rebranding as the dawn of a new era, envisioning blockchain technology as available, enjoyable, and serviceable by all. This move mirrors similar initiatives in the industry, such as Polygon Labs' rebranding of the MATIC token to POL.

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