Over Protocol Airdrop: Earn Daily Points on Over Wallet

 Over Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain network aiming to address storage and dependency issues that many blockchains, including Ethereum, face. Its key feature is providing lightweight and user-friendly full nodes, improving accessibility for individuals to operate on their personal computers (PC) at home.  Over Community Access Program (OCAP) offers opportunities for early ecosystem contributors to earn OVER and join in Over ecosystem with various quests before the mainnet launch.  Over Protocol Airdrop Claim Over Protocol Point daily Download Over Wallet Link  https://mobile.over.network/en/invite/KWGJQQD0T1 Invite Code: KWGJQQD0T1 Mission: Complete some tasks and earn more points than others. Rewards: Check your point records and rank on the leaderboard. Over Wallet Over Wallet is the first service in the Over Protocol ecosystem, the wallet will offer users the functionality to acquire and manage OVER points. It will be updated for token asset management and transaction features,  p

Athene Network: A Leading AI Data Generation, Mine ATH Token Now


 Athene Network (ATH) is a platform that connects data providers and AI developers, enabling them to exchange data and insights for crypto rewards. It is powered by a global community, It collects and processes vast amounts of data, powering businesses and individuals with valuable insights and enabling smart decision-making.

Athene App leverages the immense potential of data to drive AI innovation and Data Mining. Effortlessly oversee your mining operations straight from your phone, initiating the accumulation of cryptocurrency rewards right away.

ATH Token

ATH token is the native cryptocurrency of Athene Network, which is used to reward data providers and AI developers, as well as to access premium services and features on the platform.

How to Mine Athene?

Step 1 - Download the app from the App Store or Playstore
iOS  Or Android referral code: ab44e93f16

Step 2 - Sign up via Gmail and choose Email.
Input this as a Referral Code: ab44e93f16

Step 3 - Click on the mining button at the bottom of the app to start claiming ATH tokens daily.

Step 4- Click the setting button at the top right corner to complete your KYC, you are done.

Note: You must have at least 1 referral before you can do KYC

Athene Network Components

Comprehensive Data: Mining and collecting real-time data from across the globe provides you with a rich and diverse dataset for AI and Data Mining projects.

Cutting_Edge AI Technology: Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to analyze and process the collected data, empowering you to train AI models and develop advanced algorithms.

Unlock the Potential of Data: Athene Network's powerful platform enables businesses and individuals to harness the true potential of data-driven insights for smarter decision-making.

High-Speed Statistical Search: Benefit from Athene Network's advanced search engine, designed for social listening, delivering quick and accurate results for all information retrieval needs.

Empowering Network Nodes Worldwide: Embrace the advancements of blockchain technology, ensuring high scalability, reliability, and faster data retrieval. Its data collection tasks are ingeniously distributed to Network Nodes across the globe, harnessing the true potential of a decentralized network. according to Athene's website.

Start Mining Athene now!

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