TapSwap a Crypto Project with Telegram Bot Tapping on Solana blockchain

TapSwap is a new Crypto exchange project that combines the key features of modern DeFi platforms and offers a multitude of new opportunities for its community. The goal of TapSwap is to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency, utilizing the advantages of the Solana blockchain. Key Features on TapSwap include: • Mining Bot: This is a telegram bot for mining and the TAPS token distribution. • Staking Rewards: The staking platform for receiving additional rewards. • Decentralized governance: TapSwap token holders have voting rights and can actively participate in the development of the platform. • Profit distribution: The profit distribution system allows token holders to receive a certain percentage of the operations on the platform. TAPS Token TAPS Token is the native token of the TapSwap ecosystem which has begun distributing the token to the community through a bot-tapping mechanism. Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 Telegram Bot Allocation- 150,000,000 TAPS

OpenEX: Participate in the Long Testnet to be eligible for Mainnet Token Rewards


 The OpenEX project proposed to reward its community members who participated in the Long Testnet with Mainnet Tokens.
According to the proposal Details, all addresses actively participating in the testnet activities, including but not limited to transactions, smart contract interactions, and bug reporting, will be eligible for main net rewards.

By rewarding the Testnet participants, OpenEX aim for more engagement in the testnet leading to more thorough testing and feedback.

How to Participate in OpenEX Long Testnet?

Follow these step-by-step guides on how to participate in the testnet
Step 1. Open the OpenEX testnet from AGIEX link https://agiex.org/long/faucet on Web3 browser (e.g. Metamask, Trust Wallet, Mises, Kiwi, Edge etc.)

Connect your wallet and add the Testnet network to your Metamask.

Step 2. Now claim USDT testnet on the faucet.

Connect your wallet and switch to Core Main Network, claim USDT as many times as you want.

Note: A gas fee in CORE coins is required 

Step 3. Go to OpenEX DEX and swap the USDT to OSSL https://long.swap.openex.network/

Step 4. Open the Long Hub link on another tab to participate in voting, staking, bridging etc. https://long.hub.openex.network/wallet

Step 5. Connect your wallet and click the "Vote button".

You will see your OSSL Token balance like in the circle on the image below, then enter the amount of OSSL Token you desire for voting power.
Click Agree or Against to make your choice.

Now click the "Airdrop" button to see if you are KYCed. you can play around the testnet as you want.

The OpenEX community is encouraged to participate in the testnet not only for the Mainnet rewards but also to aim for a collective effort towards a successful and secure Mainnet launch.

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