CoreDao team launches new Satoshi App for crypto Airdrops

The CoreDao team has launched the Satoshi app brand new version that aims to be the world's top free Airdrop platform and started with three test projects for all users to experience and try out before the launch of the official projects. This unique Satoshi App gives users access to participate in free token airdropping by different quality projects built on Core Chain. Launching crypto projects on the Satoshi App also gives automatic mass adoption to developers' projects by connecting high-quality projects with the mass amount of crypto lovers already on the chain. How to participate in Satoshi App Airdrops  • Download the Satoshi App and register/ login  • Choose whichever projects you are interested in to participate in airdropping  • You can choose a maximum of 8 projects at a time. • System will run each round of airdropping for an hour, participant can claim an airdrop reward at any time. • The token amount that each participant can claim is up to the parti

Terra's LUNA 2.0 Surges more than 50% after the Binance listing

The newly launched LUNA 2.0 token has surged more than 50% after the news of its being listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance.

LUNA 2.0 token had a weak opening trading session after Terra's new blockchain went live with an airdrop over the weekend. The coin dipped by almost 80% after surging high as $30 on some crypto exchanges.

However, the new LUNA finally launched on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange with BUSD and USDT pairs on Tuesday, May 31 2022 which surged the token price by nearly 54% after Binance announced the completion of LUNA airdrop distribution on Twitter.

 However, the LUNA 2.0 Airdrop has encountered some hiccups as some users took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the Terra Airdrop distribution with most complaining that they received fewer tokens than they were due.

Response by the Terra team who admitted there have been some difficulties with the airdrops so far and assured to be working on a solution


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